Gamlingay Rainbow Pre-school

In December 2012 we undertook a full review of our policies and procedures. 

Our Operational Folder contains full details of our policies and procedures, which you are welcome to look through at any time.  It can be found by the main notice board within the pre-school and includes the following:



        Settling In

        Parental Involvement

        Equality and Diversity

        Behaviour Management

        Special Educational Needs

        Equipment and Resources

        Inclement Weather

        Emergency Closure

        Food and Drink

        Nappy Changing


        Safeguarding and Child Protection

        Whistle Blowing

        Use of Images, Mobile Phones and Cameras

        Non-collection of Child

        Lost Child

        Staffing, Employment and Recruitment

        Student Placement/Volunteers

        Health and Safety




.  Employment


.   First Aid (administering medicines and managing children who are sick)

. Baby Sitting

.   E-Safety


Please also note that children should not be sent to Rainbow if they are suffering with diarrhoea or vomiting and they should not return for 48 hours after the last bout of illness.


If you would like information regarding any of the listed policies and procedures, please review our Operations Folder at Rainbow or by all means phone us to discuss your query.