Gamlingay Rainbow Pre-school



Staff/Key Workers at Rainbow work closely with parents/carers to keep up to date with progress and achievements, and they are available during sessions to discuss any concernsParents/Carers are encouraged to stay during sessions to see how their child learns through play and interacts with other children.  These sessions are fun and informative.


We encourage Parents/Carers to join the Committee to help manage Gamlingay Rainbow Pre-school. Our committee always welcomes new opinions and ideas. Gamlingay Rainbow Pre-school runs as a charity, therefore we rely heavily on Fundraising.  As such it is important that Parents/Carers support our events to help us raise funds to provide equipment and visits for the children. We also welcome any voluntary assistance that you may be able to provide at any of our fundraising events throughout the year.


We also take the children on trips or visits during the year and parents/carers are always welcome to join us on our adventures.