Gamlingay Rainbow Pre-school




Deborah Moore



Samantha Harding



Liz Karia


General Members

Lisa Hearth (Child Protection/ Vice Chair)

Zaria Bettles

Nadine Cain

Sema Firat-Riddel

Kerry Kenworthy

Katie Dolling

Becky Perry

Jennifer Hall



Gamlingay Rainbow staff are supported by a strong and dedicated committee who, on a voluntary basis, share their skills, knowledge and time for the benefit of Rainbow pre-school.  The Committee Members are responsible for finances, employment, general support staff, fundraising, and pre-school trips, thereby fully supervising the management of the pre-school. All of the Committee members are CRB checked.


The Committee meets each half term to discuss the day to day management of Rainbow and to make plans for future fundraising events.  We encourage Parents and Carers to join the Committee and welcome new ideas, opinions and feedback. This is a great opportunity to get involved with your child’s pre-school setting so please let us know if you are interested in joining the Committee. Your contribution will be gratefully received, however big or small.


Alternatively you can become a Friend of the Committee, helping as and when you can with our fundraising events through the year.