Gamlingay Rainbow Pre-school



Our Lunch Club runs daily from 11.30am to 12.30pm at the cost of £4.00 per day.  All children at Rainbow are welcome to attend the Lunch Club.  We run a very strict NO NUT policy.  Your child will need to bring their meal in a clearly labeled container and you will need to provide an ice pack in their lunch bag to help keep their food chilled.  Water is available, but it is suggested that your child brings a suitable drink of their own.   A minimum of two members of staff supervise every lunch club session and eat at the table with the children.


At 11.30am the Lunch Club children wash their hands and help to prepare the tables for lunch.  Once everyone is seated lunch begins.  When they have finished the children put the left-over food back in their lunch box.  Hands and faces will be washed again before selecting a quiet activity until it is home time or the start of the afternoon session, as applicable.


There are many learning outcomes from the Lunch Club experience.  These include:

·        preparing your child for Primary School;

·        food selection and table manners;

·        eating in a large group with positive adult role models;

·        independent play;

·        language and literacy;

·        getting used to new rules and routines.


Your child’s packed lunch should contain a range of healthy foods. It is suggested that starchy foods should make up a third of the lunchbox content as they are a good source of energy (e.g. bread, rice, potatoes or pasta and others).  You can make up the other two thirds of content with a mixture of protein (meat, fish, eggs, beans and others), dairy (cheese or yoghurt), vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit.


Instead of sandwiches give your child bagels, pitta bread, wraps and baguettes. Use brown, wholemeal or seeded bread, not white bread.  Children often like food they can eat with their fingers, so chop up raw veggies such as carrots or peppers, and give them houmous or cottage cheese to dip the veggies in. Breadsticks and wholemeal crackers are great finger foods and they can be spread with low-fat soft cheese or eaten with reduced-fat cheddar and pickles. 


Replace chocolate bars and cakes with fresh or dried fruit. Vary the fruit each day and get them to try new things, like kiwi or melon.  You could also make up a tasty fruit salad.  Be inventive and encourage your children when they try something new.  Visit for more ideas.




Snacks are available to the children during both morning and afternoon sessions, and they vary each day.  Examples of snacks that we offer are toast, fruit, crackers and yogurt.  The children always have a choice of milk or water to drink which we encourage them to pour for themselves. Snack Time, like Lunch Club is a social time at Rainbow when adults and children can eat together. 


We plan a menu for snacks so that they provide the children with healthy and nutritious food.  The week’s snacks will be detailed at the pre-school each week for you to view.